Illustrations of various animal characters in season related settings for the yearly family calendar.
I made this during my time at Flying Tiger Copenhagen.
© Zebra A/S
© Zebra A/S
© Zebra A/S
© Zebra A/S
My work on the calendars consisted of the layout, most of the illustrations and the color arrangements.
The people also involved are listed below.
2020 calendar credits
- October and november: Character designs by Pi Vielsted

2019 calendar credits
- February: Squirrel by Pi Vielsted
- July: Giraffe by Nina Henriksen
- April and August: Character designs by David Arntz

2018 calendar credits
- January and May: Character designs by Pi Vielsted
- June: Character design by Nina Henriksen

All graphic work on the dates, numbers and public holidays by Søs Jensen
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